November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving break

I had a good thanksgiving break. Didn't get as much homework done as I would have liked but oh well. Got to help prepare for the opening of Christmas tree season, I have never done that. It was fun, got me exercise and I earned $400 over break. Overall it was relaxing, got to catch up on sleep and see my grandparents.

The big thing that I did over break was I soloed!!! If you don't know, a big step in getting your pilots license is to solo, basically you are the only occupant of the airplane when you fly, not even an instructor. Very freeing although it is not like a license because it is very restricting on when and where you can fly. But it was so cool, my instructor even did the shirt tail thing for me. I should explane that. So it has been a tradition that after a student first solos the instructor cuts the back off of the students shirt and the decorates it in honor of the event. Supposedly this started way back before intercom systems and when the instructor sat behind the student. To communicate they would pull on the shirt tail of the student. Well cutting off the shirt tail was then symbolic of the fact that the instructor could no longer pull it while the student was flying. Just interesting info.

Anyway, glad to be back home but not in school. Pics through the link.

November 14, 2005

Birthday Wrap-up

Well I had a good birthday. I had 6 friends over for Papa Dells and cake. After we had eaten pizza we went outside and made a fire in our firepit. That was a really good idea, I had actually wanted to do that with some friends for a while. So we had a lot of fun messing with the fire and nearly burning ourselves and just hanging around it. After that was homemade tiramisu cake. It was good, my mom can bake so well. After that some had to leave so it was down to just 4 of us. So what do you do when you are board and there are 4 of you? Play Super Smash Brothers on N64 of course! Hehe, that was fun, I haven't played video games in ages.

Well the party ended at about 11:30 and at 11:50 Sandra called me to wish me happy birthday. It is always nice to talk to her. Anyway, presents were low on quantity but high on quality so I was very pleased. I got, surprise, surprise, a Canon SD400 digital camera with an extra batter and 256Mb memory card, a new pillow, a long-sleeve T that says "Life is Good" on it, some candy and a Monty Python DVD. The shirt is so me to, it is my life motto so that was awesome.

Anyway, pictures should be behind the link at the bottom.

November 10, 2005


Finding the time to update one of these is hard.

Anyway, the week is going better, weather was warm and sunny and has turned colder but is still sunny, that is the important part. I think I finally got my work load under control. It was getting a bit crazy but I got some side things done and it now feels more manageable.

UPS tracking says that my camera arrived today, although I won't be able to touch it until my birthday on Sunday *sigh*. It is going to drive me nuts, I must be strong. I love getting new pieces of technology.

Things are going fairly well. I will probably be joining the professional engineering fraternity Theta Tau soon. My best friend is working hard to get our universities chapter reinstated so I will get to be one of the first members here in something like 30 years. Yay. The people who are starting so far seem like a lot of fun so I am looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is Friday, can't wait.

November 07, 2005

Bithday Coming

My birthday is Sunday!!!!

I already know the biggest present that I am getting as I ordered it myself. I am getting a Canon SD400 digital camera. I am such a sucker for new pieces of technology. The camera is barely bigger than my cell phone so I can easily carry it in my pocket but is quite a good camera despite that. This way I will have no excuse not to take lots of pictures next yea.

Anyway, for my birthday I am going to try and get some friends over for homemade ice cream cake and Papa Dells pizza. Papa Dells is the best pizza ever so you know, and it is only available in Champaign, IL. If you are ever around here you need to have some.

Also Saturday night my wonderful girlfriend says she is taking me out somewhere. I can't wait.

November 04, 2005

Fame and backups

Well my half of a second of fame got delayed. I was an extra in a student produces film called the University of Illinois vs a Mummy and the film was supposed to be premiered today. However, a week ago the hard drive containing the entire movie died. They managed to pull together the first hour of it but my scene was not in there. Make that be a lesson to everyone, BACKUP you data. Ah well, they should have the movie finished in a couple months and then I should be able to see it.

Every time I post I will try to add one thing about me until I run out of ideas. So I love flying, not commercial that is boring but like in small 2 or 4 seat planes. I am currently working on getting my privet pilots license. I fly every weekend at an airport about an hour away. It is really expensive but it is a dream I have always had. I have grown up around flying, my grandparents own a Cessna 182 and a lot of my family flies already so I have gotten to ride in small planes my whole life. So yea I am really loving it. Getting close to soloing, only a written test away.

November 03, 2005


Welcome to Kai's blog. This is the first entry in what may or may not be a regular update. I have never blogged before and thought I would give it a shot as a way to tell my friends and family what is going on with me when I am studying abroad in Europe next year.
So this brings up the fact that I am studying abroad. I hope to be in Aalborg University in Denmark this time next year. I am quite excited. I don't know where I am going to study next fall but I know I am going somewhere. I won't be the only one studying in Europe. Two of my best friends will be over there with me, although at different universities.
Anyway, so I am doing this to try it out and try to get in the habit of posting stuff so that my mom doesn't yell at me for not telling her about my adventures in Europe. Hopefully this will turn into a livejournal kind of thing with frequent updates on what is going on in my everyday life. That's about it. Oh yea, here is a pic of me little.