November 14, 2005

Birthday Wrap-up

Well I had a good birthday. I had 6 friends over for Papa Dells and cake. After we had eaten pizza we went outside and made a fire in our firepit. That was a really good idea, I had actually wanted to do that with some friends for a while. So we had a lot of fun messing with the fire and nearly burning ourselves and just hanging around it. After that was homemade tiramisu cake. It was good, my mom can bake so well. After that some had to leave so it was down to just 4 of us. So what do you do when you are board and there are 4 of you? Play Super Smash Brothers on N64 of course! Hehe, that was fun, I haven't played video games in ages.

Well the party ended at about 11:30 and at 11:50 Sandra called me to wish me happy birthday. It is always nice to talk to her. Anyway, presents were low on quantity but high on quality so I was very pleased. I got, surprise, surprise, a Canon SD400 digital camera with an extra batter and 256Mb memory card, a new pillow, a long-sleeve T that says "Life is Good" on it, some candy and a Monty Python DVD. The shirt is so me to, it is my life motto so that was awesome.

Anyway, pictures should be behind the link at the bottom.

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