November 04, 2005

Fame and backups

Well my half of a second of fame got delayed. I was an extra in a student produces film called the University of Illinois vs a Mummy and the film was supposed to be premiered today. However, a week ago the hard drive containing the entire movie died. They managed to pull together the first hour of it but my scene was not in there. Make that be a lesson to everyone, BACKUP you data. Ah well, they should have the movie finished in a couple months and then I should be able to see it.

Every time I post I will try to add one thing about me until I run out of ideas. So I love flying, not commercial that is boring but like in small 2 or 4 seat planes. I am currently working on getting my privet pilots license. I fly every weekend at an airport about an hour away. It is really expensive but it is a dream I have always had. I have grown up around flying, my grandparents own a Cessna 182 and a lot of my family flies already so I have gotten to ride in small planes my whole life. So yea I am really loving it. Getting close to soloing, only a written test away.

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