November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving break

I had a good thanksgiving break. Didn't get as much homework done as I would have liked but oh well. Got to help prepare for the opening of Christmas tree season, I have never done that. It was fun, got me exercise and I earned $400 over break. Overall it was relaxing, got to catch up on sleep and see my grandparents.

The big thing that I did over break was I soloed!!! If you don't know, a big step in getting your pilots license is to solo, basically you are the only occupant of the airplane when you fly, not even an instructor. Very freeing although it is not like a license because it is very restricting on when and where you can fly. But it was so cool, my instructor even did the shirt tail thing for me. I should explane that. So it has been a tradition that after a student first solos the instructor cuts the back off of the students shirt and the decorates it in honor of the event. Supposedly this started way back before intercom systems and when the instructor sat behind the student. To communicate they would pull on the shirt tail of the student. Well cutting off the shirt tail was then symbolic of the fact that the instructor could no longer pull it while the student was flying. Just interesting info.

Anyway, glad to be back home but not in school. Pics through the link.

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