November 10, 2005


Finding the time to update one of these is hard.

Anyway, the week is going better, weather was warm and sunny and has turned colder but is still sunny, that is the important part. I think I finally got my work load under control. It was getting a bit crazy but I got some side things done and it now feels more manageable.

UPS tracking says that my camera arrived today, although I won't be able to touch it until my birthday on Sunday *sigh*. It is going to drive me nuts, I must be strong. I love getting new pieces of technology.

Things are going fairly well. I will probably be joining the professional engineering fraternity Theta Tau soon. My best friend is working hard to get our universities chapter reinstated so I will get to be one of the first members here in something like 30 years. Yay. The people who are starting so far seem like a lot of fun so I am looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is Friday, can't wait.

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