November 03, 2005


Welcome to Kai's blog. This is the first entry in what may or may not be a regular update. I have never blogged before and thought I would give it a shot as a way to tell my friends and family what is going on with me when I am studying abroad in Europe next year.
So this brings up the fact that I am studying abroad. I hope to be in Aalborg University in Denmark this time next year. I am quite excited. I don't know where I am going to study next fall but I know I am going somewhere. I won't be the only one studying in Europe. Two of my best friends will be over there with me, although at different universities.
Anyway, so I am doing this to try it out and try to get in the habit of posting stuff so that my mom doesn't yell at me for not telling her about my adventures in Europe. Hopefully this will turn into a livejournal kind of thing with frequent updates on what is going on in my everyday life. That's about it. Oh yea, here is a pic of me little.

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