December 30, 2005


I finally got to fly again this week. Flew on Tuesday and Thursday and will again tomorrow. Yay. My Bloomington instructor is considering soloing me there very soon. I can't wait. It will be another big step towards getting my pilot license. Flying at a busy towered airport is a lot harder than flying at a small uncontrolled one. That said, I think I feel more comfortable flying solo than with an instructor, go figure.

That said I had a slightly bad revelation when I flew yesterday. My normal instructor was out of town so I flew with a different guy. I flew much better and was more confident and in control than I have ever been at that airport. Before I thought that it was the airport that was harder to fly at because I was always more comfortable flying up at the farm. Well because I did better with a different instructor in Bloomington it means that the problem has been my normal instructor. I didn't realize it but he makes me nervous and hurts my confidence some. He also is very quick to take the controls away when we get special ATC requests, which doesn't help me learn at all. Darn, I might have been able to solo sooner with a different instructor. Ah well, it will be good experience dealing with this.

That said I have almost completely wasted this week, it has been awesome. So much free time and so much sleep makes Kai a happy boy. Now if only the sun would come out some more and I would be more social it would be perfect.

December 28, 2005

Laptop fixed

So I got my hard drive yesterday. Putting it in was an adventure. There were a lot of screws to take out, luckily I had very good, detailed instructions on the procedure. What they said was the hardest part was difficult. I had to blindly free some latches through an 1/8" slit. Took about 10-15 min of working at it to free it. Unfortunately that was not the hardest part for me. The hardest part what when I got to the LAST screw. It should not have been a difficult screw but it was. It took only about two tries to get it out to COMPLETELY strip the screw. I put as much downward force into it as I could to keep it from stripping but it did anyway. I got my dad and he couldn't get it either so we did the unthinkable.....we drilled it out. Yes, we took a full sized, heavy duty powerdrill to the inside of my $2000 laptop. Luckily it worked with no damage to 'book. Hopefully that wasn't an important screw because there will not be one replacing it.

Anyway, after that it was fast and straight forward. I am now using my noticeably faster laptop. It took me about 8 hours to get all of my data back in order by reinstalling and transferring from my backups, but it is finely done. Only complaint is that I think the new drive is a little louder, meaning I can hear it, and I think it might run a tad hotter, but oh well. I am back in business.

December 22, 2005


So last night my computer started being REALY slow. It would take 5 min to close an app. Now I have had this happen 3 times before in the past 6 months, and each of those times the computer would stop recognizing the hard drive. I would turn it off and leave it over night and the next morning it would act like nothing had happened. Well this time I got a SMART status error instead of the drive dissapearing and this morning it still had it. So that means my hard drive finaly died on me.

Now, unfortunatly my computer is out of warentee. I would be kicking myself except that the extended warentee costs $250 with student discount and I just bought a faster hard drive than the one I had originaly for $170. Do the math and tell me what was the better choice. So I am not upset, I am actualy happy, I am getting a faster comp!!

Anyway, putting a hard drive in a Powerbook is supposed to be tricky, and looking at the directions it will be by far the hardest thing I have undertaken. However I have good instructions and if I am carefull and take my time I should be able to do it.

December 16, 2005


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I really need to learn to get into the habit of posting here. So this week has been finals week. So most people hate finals week, ok, so every one does, but some more than others. Anyway, many people stress out, hole themselves up and study 24/7 this week, only coming out to take a test. That seems excessive to me, but I am relaxed and am willing to take a small grade hit for the sake of my sanity. So for me that is not the worst part. The worst part is the lack destressing hanging out. It doesn't matter how close you are to someone, because when finals week comes along, you might as well not exist. And then, to make things worse, finals week is also your last chance to see them before they go home for break. Often hundreds or even thousands of miles away. So yea, I don't like finals week.

Anyway, about my finals, I have 5 with only one more to go. And here is the 5 round battle with them:

8am, Wednesday Dec. 14
Going into round 1 I went in confident, this was and opponent that I know and have beaten before. Just got to count some atoms and transfer some heat. Things were going good until I got near the end. A logarithmic equation distracted me while time snuck up and got me hard in the back. Blast!! When all was said and done I came in in the bottom 3rd of the troops.

1:30pm, Wednesday Dec. 14
Round 2. Another one I know well, hopefully I can make up for the last battle. I started off fast, time did not stand a chance against me in this one. Again, felt like I was winning up until near the end. I got tripped up by a few signs and I almost recovered when suddenly the battlefield switched to POLAR COORDINATES!! Had to quickly try to re learn how to move. Before it was over I got a good hit on the last enemy but he may have given me the slip. Will find out when they count the casualties.

8am, Thursday Dec. 15
This opponent has proven tough in the past. He really makes you think but is predictable so if you watch carefully you can get him. Yes, he used his simpler move set, piece o' cake. But wait, what is the, surely that is not possible? Teleporting from one place to another? Have to through a blind stone and hope it hits. Asked the organizer later and it wasn't possible, he cheated. Ha!!! Got you this time.

7pm, Thursday Dec. 15
Round 4 I knew was going to be my toughest opponent yet. But with the written battle plans I get to use in the field I should be ok. Blood drawn before the battle even started....this is not a good sign. When the battle began I thought there was hope but then I found that the battle plans were missing key pieces of information that I had forgotten to look up before hand. Well there it went. Had to just try and minimize the damage. Barely made it out alive.

Round 5 will be 8am, Saturday Dec. 17.

I wrote a better commentary earlier but I seem to have lost it. Ah well. And the above is why I don't write, as you can see, I am incapable of keeping my tenses right. I apologize for the pain it may bring while reading it. Well bed time. Tomorrow is an errand day.