December 22, 2005


So last night my computer started being REALY slow. It would take 5 min to close an app. Now I have had this happen 3 times before in the past 6 months, and each of those times the computer would stop recognizing the hard drive. I would turn it off and leave it over night and the next morning it would act like nothing had happened. Well this time I got a SMART status error instead of the drive dissapearing and this morning it still had it. So that means my hard drive finaly died on me.

Now, unfortunatly my computer is out of warentee. I would be kicking myself except that the extended warentee costs $250 with student discount and I just bought a faster hard drive than the one I had originaly for $170. Do the math and tell me what was the better choice. So I am not upset, I am actualy happy, I am getting a faster comp!!

Anyway, putting a hard drive in a Powerbook is supposed to be tricky, and looking at the directions it will be by far the hardest thing I have undertaken. However I have good instructions and if I am carefull and take my time I should be able to do it.

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