December 30, 2005


I finally got to fly again this week. Flew on Tuesday and Thursday and will again tomorrow. Yay. My Bloomington instructor is considering soloing me there very soon. I can't wait. It will be another big step towards getting my pilot license. Flying at a busy towered airport is a lot harder than flying at a small uncontrolled one. That said, I think I feel more comfortable flying solo than with an instructor, go figure.

That said I had a slightly bad revelation when I flew yesterday. My normal instructor was out of town so I flew with a different guy. I flew much better and was more confident and in control than I have ever been at that airport. Before I thought that it was the airport that was harder to fly at because I was always more comfortable flying up at the farm. Well because I did better with a different instructor in Bloomington it means that the problem has been my normal instructor. I didn't realize it but he makes me nervous and hurts my confidence some. He also is very quick to take the controls away when we get special ATC requests, which doesn't help me learn at all. Darn, I might have been able to solo sooner with a different instructor. Ah well, it will be good experience dealing with this.

That said I have almost completely wasted this week, it has been awesome. So much free time and so much sleep makes Kai a happy boy. Now if only the sun would come out some more and I would be more social it would be perfect.

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