December 28, 2005

Laptop fixed

So I got my hard drive yesterday. Putting it in was an adventure. There were a lot of screws to take out, luckily I had very good, detailed instructions on the procedure. What they said was the hardest part was difficult. I had to blindly free some latches through an 1/8" slit. Took about 10-15 min of working at it to free it. Unfortunately that was not the hardest part for me. The hardest part what when I got to the LAST screw. It should not have been a difficult screw but it was. It took only about two tries to get it out to COMPLETELY strip the screw. I put as much downward force into it as I could to keep it from stripping but it did anyway. I got my dad and he couldn't get it either so we did the unthinkable.....we drilled it out. Yes, we took a full sized, heavy duty powerdrill to the inside of my $2000 laptop. Luckily it worked with no damage to 'book. Hopefully that wasn't an important screw because there will not be one replacing it.

Anyway, after that it was fast and straight forward. I am now using my noticeably faster laptop. It took me about 8 hours to get all of my data back in order by reinstalling and transferring from my backups, but it is finely done. Only complaint is that I think the new drive is a little louder, meaning I can hear it, and I think it might run a tad hotter, but oh well. I am back in business.

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