January 28, 2006


Well my last few days in town have been kind of anti climactic. Some of my best friends have been gone for a while now and the few who are still in town have been busy with school and other things. I have mostly been lazing around and preparing to leave.

Sunday however my life will be turned upside down as I leave to go to another country with hardly a plan or any idea what to expect. Hopefully I can make some friends quickly there since I seem to be lacking of friends here at the moment.

32 hours and counting.

January 18, 2006


Illinibookexchange.com is awesome. I posted most of my old text books on it on Sunday night and have already sold 5 of the 7 books. To top it off I am getting about a 50-70% return on what I paid for them. That is so much better than I could get selling it to a book store. I just have one more of the books to drop off this afternoon.

January 17, 2006

Chicago visitors

Not much going on right now. I don't start classes until February so I still have two weeks of break. I did finally get around to uploading my pics from new years. They are linked at the end of this entry.

Over the weekend my moms good friend Claudia came down from Chicago and brought her nephew Todd to visit the UofI. Unfortunately students are just starting to get back in so I couldn't show him much of what it is like. We had a good time though. Claudia is a riot. Todd and I played some Starcraft together. Neither of us had played in years and so it was kind of fun like going back to our childhoods. We also saw Munich, good movie.